Wenatchee Properties Blog 2016 Economic & Housing Forecast by Matthew Gardner Windermere is fortunate to have Chief Economist Matthew Gardner on staff to provide valuable analysis of the economy and housing market. Matthew recently completed his national economic forecast which details his predictions for the 2016 economy and housing market. You can read the forecast below. The National Economic Forecast 1.The U.S. will continue to expand […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog 2014 Housing Crystal Ball I found the linked article on MSN Money this morning regarding the prognosis for the housing market for 2014 and thought it had some really good points.  You can read the article here. Of course this is a national estimate and each market is different.  Give me a call to discuss how things look for […]
Real Estate Happenings Homeownership – the road to wealth As a broker, my job is to list and sell homes, so of course, I'm going to tell you that you should invest in real estate if you want to build long term and lasting wealth.   We all know that the housing market took a big hit in late 2008-2009 and the recovery has […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog Wenatchee Real Estate Today I was recently looking at the latest snap shot report from Pacific Appraisal and it reaffirms what most agents are seeing and feeling in the market place – that values are starting to rise and if you put a home on the market, it will sell for list price in less then 30 to 60 […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog Monthly Real Estate Snap Shot Report The Pacific Appraisal Real Estate Snapshot report came out this morning for April and as expected, it shows that the Wenatchee market area is seeing robust sales, climbing values and more building.   Sales volume, when compared to April 2012, show a 21% increase.  This is a phenominal number and rivals the increases we saw […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog 2013. A good year to sell? Part 3 People often ask me if now is a good time to sell.  The answer is really dependant on personal circumstances, but for the most part right now is the best time to sell that I've seen in the past 5 years.   In the previous two post, I covered the aspects of the shrinking existing […]
Real Estate Happenings April 2013 Real Estate Snap Shot Report Last week I was interviewed by KPQ radio for the business beat talking about the health of the real estate industry in the Wenatchee Valley.  Pacific Appraisal Associates prepares and publishes a monthly snap shot report showing how the market is compared to the same month in the previous year.   This report shows a […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog 2013. A good year to sell? Part 2 Across the country housing inventory levels are dropping like a rock.  According to the National Association of Realtors, the average housing inventory is below a 5 month supply, this is 20% below the levels of just one year ago.  Please read the KCM Blog about this info here. Here in the Wenatchee Valley, the same […]
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Wenatchee Properties Blog 2013. A good year to sell? Part 1 More and more, I'm seeing articles from a variety of news and real estate sites that say this year will be a good year to sell your home.  In most parts of the county, inventory levels are shrinking and demand is increasing.  This is leading to some speculation that a new construction boom is right […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog It’s all about curb appeal Spring is here and it's time to plant flowers, clean up beds, green up the grass and touch up the paint.  The old adage of you never get a second chance to make a first impression is so true when it comes to selling your home.  If the lawn and flower beds don't look pristine, […]
Real Estate Happenings Pending Sales Slip Due To Low Inventory It's an exciting time in real estate! According to the National Association of Realtors, sales in February were up the second highest they've been in the last three years. But the problem is finding inventory. As the economy recovers, buyers are snapping up inventory and according to NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun, that limited inventory is […]
Real Estate Happenings A Good Time To Sell In this recent real estate news article by NewsGenius.com, respondents to a Fannie Mae survey showed a belief that it is a good time to sell a home. The study found that nearly twice as many people think now a good time to sell compared to a year ago. A record number also believe that prices will […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog It’s the little things! I walked though a tour home today and was really surprised at what I saw.  This home was not ready to show.  Beds were unmade, there was toothpaste in the sink.  Cosmetics were scattered around on the dresser and make up table.  One bedroom had the video game and corresponding cables on the floor – […]
Wenatchee Properties Blog Market Ready – sometimes not! I, and most of the Realtors I know, would prefer to market a pristine home, yet it surprises me to walk into a newly listed home and see un-made beds, dirty clothes on the floor, overflowing garbage cans, pet stains on the carpet and a variety of other things that we wouldn't want anyone to […]