Monthly Real Estate Snap Shot Report

The Pacific Appraisal Real Estate Snapshot report came out this morning for April and as expected, it shows that the Wenatchee market area is seeing robust sales, climbing values and more building.  

Sales volume, when compared to April 2012, show a 21% increase.  This is a phenominal number and rivals the increases we saw in the period between 2005 and early 2008.  The average sales price has also increased by 8% from $228,551 to $246,833.  

Homes that are priced below $350,000 are selling quickly and they average less then 5 months on the market.  A balanced market is considered to average 6 months selling time, so this by all accounts looks to be a sellers market again.

I've linked the Pacific Appraisal report here.  Take a look and see how the market it doing.

Posted on May 22, 2013 at 9:28 pm
Jerry Paine | Category: Wenatchee Properties Blog

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